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городской территории в «точку перемен» для .. furnitures are provided for people to meet, share their .. создать привлекательное и ком- фортное. здесь вы сможете познокомиться с уникальным животным. Дельфином по имени Винтер. Винтер — самка дельфина, обитатель морского аквариума Clearwater Marine Aquarium в городе Клируотер (Флорида), широко известная наличием .

Call to book your perfect day out on the sea. A circular ice skating rink is on the lowest floor of My Mall in Limassol Cyprus.

Винтер (дельфин) — Википедия

Though fairly small, everyone could have fun on the rink. If you fancy some shopping in Limassol, combining it with a fun activity like ice skating could re- ally please all members of the family on your Cyprus holiday.

Ice skating can be practised at any age, is great for growing children and a major calorie burner for adults, offering positive effects for car- diovascular health. Limassol Zoo Limassol Zoo is located 6 km from the city centre on the coastal road. Reo- pened in the summer ofthe zoo has modern enclosures that use only stone, glass, wood, and rope.

Both kids and adults will enjoy the odd liv- ing creatures in the zoo, including lions, tigers, bears, panthers, zebras, monkeys, ostriches, peacocks, emu, Asian otters, Cyprus oxen, Egyptian geese, and Cuban boa constrictors, among a good variety of other birds and reptiles. To see the ani- mals in action, check www. The museum is housed in a listed building, located in central Limassol. The Museum hosts rich and remark- able collections of garments, embroi- dery, wood carved creations, agricul- tural and tools and utensils, jewellery, decoration artifacts and furniture of the late 19th and the early 20th century.

Some of the artifacts the Museum hosts are woodcut chests, chests of draw- ers, pictures made with silk cocoons, traditional Cypriot costumes, lamps, baskets, swords, bronze pots, small stools, bronze plates, etc. A collection of donated porcelain is exhibited in one of the halls of the museum. The col- lection consists of thirty 30 dishes of varying styles, some of which date back to Their opening hours are Monday to Friday, Marvel at the 3D island model, which is the largest creation of its kind in Europe, and listen along to an audio guide who talks you through the history and legends of medi- eval times in Cyprus.

Walk around the medieval village and cheer the clashing of swords as Knights in shining armour take centre stage.

Learn about a range of ancient crafts and goods and take home unique souvenirs of your visit. Check out their website www. Limassol There are three Equestrian Centres near Limassol. The Moutagiaka ranch, established inis one of the first riding schools in the island. It offers rid- ing lessons, hacking, birthday parties, carriage driving, etc.

Call 99 for details and an appointment. It is open every day.

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The school runs Begin- ners introduction, Saturday junior club, dressage tuition, jumping and pleasure riding. At the akakiko enjoy easy Japanese dining high quality healthy food and a serene asian ambiance. Dine in with a view over- looking the warm inviting waters of the Mediterranean sea. Excavations have revealed the follow- ing sites: The Roman Agora, an early 3rd century A.

The House of Achilles: A Roman villa of the first half of the 4th century A. Only part of the building is preserved today. The House of the Gladiators: This Ro- man house, dating back to the second half of the 3rd century A. It has a central court- yard with several mosaic laid corridors. The Baths and Complex of Eustolios: The complex of Eustolios, at the southeast end of Kourion, was the residence of a rich inhabitant of the town and dates to end 4th century-early 5th century A.

It consists of over 30 rooms surrounding two courtyards and a bath establishment, em- bellished by a group of mosaic pavements. Though built as a private elite residence, it was converted into a public bathing facility early 5th century. The Early Christian Basilica: Located in the northwest area, a three-apse basilica was constructed late 5th century. Its remains were transferred to the newly- erected church of neighbouring Episkopi.

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates: Lo- cated about 2 km west of Kourion, the sanctuary was one of the main religious centres of ancient Cyprus where Apollo was worshipped. This temple was aban- doned in the 4th century A. The ruins of the an- cient stadium lie east of the sanctuary of Apollo. The stadium is U-shaped and accommodated around 6, spectators.

Built in the 2nd century A. The most memorable site at Kourion today, the ancient theatre is still intact and able to seat up to 3, spectators, its curved auditorium dating back to the 2nd century B.

Damaged in an earthquake, it was restored in the second or third century A. The stage preserves its foundations but originally rose to the full height of the auditorium. This extremely healthy diet is made from local fresh ingredients: The order of the day is hearty, fresh dishes — well seasoned but not spicy — based on recipes handed down through the generations.

Dionysos, our main restaurant, leads onto a large sunny terrace with panoramic sea views and a sea breeze that whets the appetite as you savour your meal alfresco. Each night there is a different dinner theme, so alongside the local dishes, you could have a surprise offer on the lavish buffet menu.

Do take note of the restaurant hours and dress code. This unique amphitheater- shaped village, 37 km from Limassol and at an altitude of metres was named after the Monastery of Great Agros, built where the Church of Pa- nayia of Agros is found today. The history of Apesia begins thousands of years back, when the first residents settled here from Apesos of Asia Minor.

This history is confirmed by the gravestone columns with Greek inscriptions in the yard of the school and church, as well as ancient Roman tombs. Findings as well as cultural re- mains reveal that the area had residents during the Neolithic, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period, as well as during the Frankish and Venetian occupation. The village name seems to be related to Apesos of Asia Minor. Apesia shows how traditional elements coexist with modern ones.

On the one side there is a tradi- tional housing with small stone built residences and on the other, there are new bigger residences spread west and southwest of the old housing. A picturesque winemak- ing village, Omodos lies 42 km NW from Limassol. The large plaza in front of the Monastery of the Holy Cross Timios Stavros Monasterythe medieval wine- press, the narrow alleys, and the stone- made houses lend a special aura to the village, at an altitude of m.

Omodos is renowned for its superb grapes, tasty wines, zivania and many Must-based deli- cacies like soutzoukos, palouze, etc. The Monastery houses a piece of the blood- stained Holy Rope, used to tie Jesus to the cross at Calvary. Probably named after Lana, daugh- ter of the Greek wine god, Dionysus, the village is well known for the high quality of its grapes and wines.

Apart from wine, the locals also produce olive oil. This church, dedicated to St. The vil- lage hosts the 11th century chapel of Saint George, the 14th century church of Saint Amvrosios and the chapel of Saint Elisa- beth with the Byzantine frescos.

Pelendri, is the larg- est district of Limassol in terms of popula- tion, volume of Byzantine heritage and the number of icons. Pelendri is also known for its unique churches and chapels. The church of the Timios Stavros is part of the global cultural heritage of UNESCO; Panayia Catholiki, with its 16th century icons, is a protected monument; Ayios Ioannis Lampadistis with its large dome rooftop, is visible from afar, and Archan- gel Michael church is a modern church.

The philosophy of the delicious meals cooked here are based purely on the freshness and quality of the ingredients used whilst at the same time maintain- ing the originality of the traditional Greek recipes.

After many mishaps and injuries, plates replaced knives and were thrown to the floor and smashed whilst singing and dancing. In many bouzoukia or other mod- ern establishments, girls with baskets or plates with flowers will go around the tables and sell them to the customers, who then throw them to the performers on stage. The kompoloi, or string of beads, is a familiar sight in the hands of many Cyp- riot men.

The word komboloi incorporates the word kombos, meaning the knot. The string of beads is always made with an uneven number of beads. The kompoloi is said to reflect a way of life; it is certainly relaxing. The beads can be bought in many weights, sizes, colours, and materi- als and can make a nice gift. Tavli is a Cyprus table top board game. Tavli used to be the preserve of only men, but times have changed and many women now enjoy playing tavli with friends especially in the cities and towns.

Unlike western belief, in Cyprus the unlucky day is Tuesday the 13th, not Friday the 13th. To avoid the matiasma, believers often wear a charm; a little blue marble glass with an eye painted on it or a blue bracelet.

Blue is believed to be the colour that wards off the Evil Eye. It is, however, also believed that people with blue eyes are the givers of the matiasma. It is also believed that they visit only at Christmas. In order to keep the Kallikantzaroi away, the hearth is kept burning day and night throughout the 12 days of Christmas.

Ceremonies Birthdays are not such a celebrated event in Cyprus as elsewhere; however, Name Days are.

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  • Jokkmokk part of arctic Europe. Dark winter days.

Children are typically named after the Patron Saint of their region. The Name Day is the feast day of the saint after which a child was named. A small gift is customary. Weddings in Cyprus are huge with over guests. The marriage takes place at 4pm or later, mainly due to summer heat.

The bride and groom get ready separately; the maid of honour Koumbara and best man Koumbaros help the bride and groom to get ready. A red piece of cloth is tied and untied around the waist of the bride and groom several times as a sign of fertility. During the church ceremony, the bride and the groom wear headbands called Stefana. The priest leads the couple round the table, on which the Gospel and the Cross are placed, three times.

The Koumbaros and Koumbara walk behind the married couple holding the Stefanas in place in the dance of Isaiah. The wedding rings, which are worn on the fourth finger of the right hand are exchanged three times.

Confetti or rice is thrown over the couple as they leave the church. Natural Cosmetics Rose bushes were imported to Cyprus from Damascus and used extensively to produce rosewater.

Inone Mr Tsolakis set up his own rose plantations in Agros village, 37 km north of Limas- sol, to produce rosewater on a large scale. He, along with his family, expanded their range rapidly and today, produce exquisite rose products like Rose liqueur, aperitif, wine, aromatic oils and candles, oil burn- ers, tea, soap, vinegar, jam, etc. Their lat- est offering is a comprehensive set of Rose BIO-cosmetics.

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Построен- ный через реку мост, представляет со- бой современную дорогу, соединяющую две деревни. Сейчас точно установленно, что Палехори значительно старше окрест- ных деревень. При венецианцах — гг. Наибольшее количество данных сохрани- лось от периода британского правления — гг. В период турецкого владычества — гг. Этот тип церквей встречает- ся по всему Троодосу.

Росписи сохранились лишь на северной стене. Скорее всего она относится ко времени обновления крыши, так как сам храм бо- лее ранней постройки. Две более новые росписи сделаны ико- нописцем Н. В Палехори существует Музей ви- зантийского наследия. Этот тип церквей встречается по всему Троодосу.

Пред- ставленные здесь дары верующих, говорят об основных нуждах повсед- невной жизни маленькой сельской общины одного из труднодоступных районов Кипра. В музее широко представлены про- изведения искусства поствизантийского периода: Это типично горная архитектура: Очень красиво смотрятся узкие, выложенные камнем дорожки, как бы обрисовывающие кон- туры горы.

В Палехори есть много зданий, со- хранивших самобытную архитектуру, но все же, за последние десятилетия многое было утрачено. Власти прилага- ют усилия, чтобы устранить, или хотя бы изменить элементы современной архитектуры, которые не соответствуют старому стилю. Сейчас здесь помещает- ся библиотека. Что такое хороший семейный отдых? Что еще нужно, чтобы дети светились от счастья?

Здесь каждый найдет себе развлечение по душе: Специалисты зоопарка выполнили свою работу на отлично: Сувенир своими руками С древних времен Кипр славился своими гончарами: Есть ли шансы найти Атлантиду? Скорее всего, за это время стены и постройки города, если бы они и сохранились, под воздействием морской воды изменились до неузнаваемости, покрылись илистыми наносами, заросли водорослями, актиниями и кораллами; металлические и медные предметы растворились, а де- ревянные конструкции исчезли через несколько столетий после катастрофы.

Кроме того, в Средиземноморском регионе за эти тысячелетия случилось не одно сильнейшее землетрясение, череда которых, вероятно, окончательно стерли руины загадочного острова.

Была ли Атлантида реальностью или всего лишь фанта- зией Платона, который пытался описать идеальное государ- ство, — нам уже этого не узнать, но, может, прав был его ученик Аристотель, сказавший: Многие исследователи искали Ат- лантиду в районе Балеарских и Канар- ских островов.

Один из исследователей выдвинул версию, что Атлантида распо- лагалась на месте нынешних Британских островов и Ирландии, а утонула в ре- зультате таяния ледников.

Знаменитому подводному исследователю Жаку-Иву Кусто почти удалось доказать, что най- денные на дне Средиземного моря остат- ки минойской цивилизации принадлежат именно погибшей Атлантиде. Исследователь Роберт Сармаст об- наружил под водой в 11 км от Кипра прямоугольный пласт земли, простира- ющийся к северо-востоку в сторону Си- рии.

Он утверждает, что именно остров Кипр был вершиной холма и частью Ат- лантиды. Почему Роберт Сармаст решил искать Атлантиду на Кипре? Можно заметить, что, прежде всего, описание Атлантиды напоминает как по рельефу, так и по природным условиям острова Средиземного моря.

Платон пишет, что Атлантида была богата металлами. По- добная характеристика не свойственна островам Атлантического океана, зато в древние времена была присуща Кипру. Многие исследователи считают, что острова Средиземного моря — это оскол- ки затонувшей цивилизации. Приступая к описанию Атлантиды, Платон пред- упреждает, что название самого острова, как и все другие имена в его рассказе, не подлинные, а переведенные на грече- ский язык. Египтяне, которые первыми писали историю Атлантиды, перевели аланские имена на свой лад.

А сама история острова, по легенде, начинается с рассказа о разделе Земли между тремя богами-братьями: Зевсом, Аидом и Посейдоном. Посейдон влюбился в Клейто, она стала его супру- гой и родила пять пар близнецов — пер- вых десятерых царей Атлантиды. Как заботливый отец, Посейдон для защиты обнес остров тремя водными и двумя сухопутными кольцами, атланты же перекинули через эти кольца мосты и прорыли каналы, так что корабли могли по ним подплывать к самому городу или, точнее, к центральному острову, имев- шему 5 стадиев немногим менее кило- метра в диаметре.

Также, по преданию, он источил из земли теплый и холодный родники с удивительной на вкус и цели- тельной по силе водой, а плодородная земля давала разнообразное и достаточ- ное для жизни пропитание. На острове Посейдон соорудил для Клейто и себя храмы, украшенные сере- бром и золотом и окруженные золотыми статуями, а также роскошный царский дворец. Полагают, что остров Атлантида на- ходился на значительном возвышении над уровнем моря, а берег был обрыви- стым и высоким.

Кругом столицы про- стиралась равнина, окруженная горами, доходившими до моря. Об этой равнине ходили сказания как о самом красивом и плодородном месте на земле.

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